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Construction Safety Excellence


August 29, 2019

In collaboration with the Associated General Contractors, we hold the construction industry’s safety excellence awards program to recognize and promote safety.

Coming home to our loved ones after a hard day’s work is something that we may take for granted. However, that’s not the case with workers in the construction industry. Construction sites are inherently dangerous places with heavy equipment and materials always present, and so it is unsurprising that injuries and even fatalities occur each year. Construction safety should therefore be everyone’s priority.

Everyone wants every woman and man who comes to a jobsite for their shift to go home from that same jobsite safe and healthy for their families and friends. Sponsoring and hosting the annual CSEA with the AGC is one of the most impactful partnerships we could support.”

Bill Creedon
North America Construction Industry Leader

In strong partnership with the Associated General Contractors (AGC), we helped develop and hold the construction industry’s annual elite safety excellence awards program (CSEA) to recognize and promote safety in the construction industry.

The AGC-Willis Towers Watson CSEA program is unique in many aspects, including that the program is for companies of all sizes and occupational divisions. Innovative practices and learnings in safety topics can be garnered from the variety of contractors and companies in the industry.

The program awards are evaluated and judged along specific categories, which also lends insight into where companies should focus their own safety efforts. Those categories are:

  • Senior management ownership and participation: Organizational leaders seeing and being seen on project sites, talking and asking about safety performance make up the most significant factor in exemplary programs.
  • Risk identification and analysis: A systematic business approach to identifying risks, trending risk factors, and mitigating the causes of risk on projects from pre-bid to turnover.
  • Task design — Engineering controls for safety: Using trends and analytics to engineer risks out of the process. Designing the task to fit the worker, not making the worker fit the task.
  • Safe work methods: Planning work and making sure the plan is executed as designed and the workers use the prescribed methods consistently.
  • Worker engagement, involvement and participation: Inspiring workers to know they are the most important part of the construction process. The more they participate and make suggestions, the safer the project.
  • Safety training and validation of training: Providing quality training and instruction on safe work methods and making sure the correct method is understood and delivered every time.
  • Subcontractor management: Having a collaborative and nurturing relationship and culture that motivates trade partners to do their best work safely.
  • Emergency and crisis management: Developing the process and actions to respond in emergency situations internally and externally.

The CSEA program produces innovative and effective best practices in construction safety and provides a resource to the industry that enables companies to evaluate, think and act upon for the safety of their own workers.


Mike Fredebeil, CSP
North America Construction Safety and Risk Control Leader

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