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Webinar series: How assisted living facilities can reduce falls, mitigate their impact


July 10, 2018

A four-part webinar series on managing falls in senior living communities.

This is a four part series of webinar recordings examining the topic of falls in senior living communities. Each webinar in this series builds on the next to provide a comprehensive look at strategies and innovations that prevent and manage falls while promoting safety and well-being for all residents.

Recommended audience: Operations Leaders, Regional Operations and Clinical Leaders, Executive Directors, Administrators, Directors of Assisted Living, Clinical Leaders, Risk Managers, Resident Services, Safety Officers, Quality Assessment/Performance Improvement Leaders

Focus on fall management: Part one — making the case

Description: Information on the scope and severity of falls in the senior living industry and effective methods to organize your company’s and communities’ efforts in managing this serious and life threatening problem.

Focus on fall management: Part two — interventions and innovations

Description: Explore the assessment process and approaches to developing individualized care for residents who are a high risk for falls. Care for residents post-fall and follow- up documentation, tracking and trending in order to determine if interventions are effective will be explored. Published research and innovations regarding fall interventions will be presented and critiqued as to whether they will be successful in Assisted Living and/or Memory Care venues.

Focus on fall management: Part three — company-wide program

Description: Discover strategies in managing falls that go beyond individualized care. Learn about setting realistic expectations upon move-in and advancing to utilizing a standard guideline for evaluating a resident’s functional mobility. Having a company-wide program built on a culture of safety can make a difference in the number and severity of falls. Elements of a safe resident moving and handling program are reviewed along with an overview of the various types of assistive devices available. Samples of a safe resident moving and handling policy and other documentation tools are presented.

Focus on fall management: Part four – communication is key

Description: An emphasis on communication as an essential aspect of fall management. Developing communication strategies and scripts regarding fall prevention, fall management and sharing information when a resident falls is very important. By identifying specific times, people and methods of communication in advance of a fall event, a community can create a system to gather knowledge about the event and provide ample support to the resident and family. Timely and thoughtfully curated communication can mitigate the negative impact that a fall can have on a resident and family, as well as, enhance your fall management program.

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