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The search for a long-term premium


By Liang Yin | June 28, 2018

Harvesting the long-term premium will require a major shift of mindset and significantly expanded skillsets by investors.

Jaap van Damis is the principal director of investment strategy at PGGM. They are one of the world’s largest asset owners known for their commitment to long-horizon investing, which means they are experts in taking the long view. He was once asked what he called the million-dollar question: “Can we be reasonably certain that we will be rewarded for being a long-horizon investor? Because if we’re not, then why bother?”

We have been grappling with this issue within the Thinking Ahead Institute for some time, and at the start of 2017 we formed a working group of members who shared our passion to make more definitive progress.The first fruit of this is a paper called “The search for a long-term premium,” with more recent papers focused on helping investors access this premium.

Its conclusion is that a sizable net long-term premium does exist. Download this paper to learn more.

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