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The quest for return: Difficult isn’t it?


By Alastair Cuming | June 28, 2018

Alastair Cuming explores how investors can seek to improve the probability of achieving sufficient returns without raising the risk for the sponsor.

For many investors the difference between achieving 3% real and 5% real above Consumer Price Inflation can define success or failure. Endowments, individuals seeking to fund their retirement and pension funds that do not want to call on the sponsor all need to invest in a way that offers sufficient return potential while still being robust and self-reliant.

The pool of assets needs to deliver sufficient cash from income or sales to fund its commitments, while at the same time preserving the real value of the assets in the face of potentially rising inflation. But achieving 5% real is difficult. Investors have historically believed this is best achieved by equities, but we question that assumption, especially in today’s markets. Instead, investors have to be smarter and focus on:

  • Real diversity
  • Better active management
  • Value for money

Download this paper to learn more about how investors can set about achieving their goals.

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