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Build your financial independence and well-being with valuable, in-the-moment insights

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April 19, 2019

The myFiTage engages you immediately with pre-personalized insights that deliver value and tailored suggestions at just the right time.
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By starting with the your FiT AgeSM — the age of financial independence — the myFiTage approach is leading to true behavior change.

Add data to expand myFiTage to your immediate financial situation for you and your family or link accounts when you’re ready – myFiTage earns trust at your own pace with powerful insights and never judges you.

FiT Scores:

Gain a tangible measurement of your current financial well-being based on spending, emergency savings, debt and net worth.

Learn which factors drive your personal financial well-being and what you can do to improve it.


Reach financial independence when your financial resources meet your lifestyle spending needs.

Hear more about actions that can improve financial independence at the lowest cost to your lifestyle today.

FiT LifetimeTM:

Make your money last and protect it from risks to your lifestyle spending needs.

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