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Survey best practice: What to do when your survey results don't change over time

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By Adam Zuckerman | August 10, 2020

We've compiled a few tips from our survey experts to help you determine what to do when your survey results don't change over time.


Evaluate the context

Think about what has changed in your business since the last survey. How long ago was your last survey conducted? If the interval is short and not much has changed, opinions are unlikely to vary. This is particularly true of questions measuring stable issues like company culture or company-wide programs that haven't changed.

Course correct as needed

Consider your actions after the last survey. If you identified, communicated, and worked to address a priority area that has not improved, then either more time is required for employees to see the impact or your actions to this point have not been effective. Talk openly with employees and review their open-ended comments. Revisit your actions and work with your employees to develop a new approach. Feel free to test things out with them to see what they think would work best.

Prioritize, share and act

Be sure to look at how your results compare to norms and not just your last survey. We suggest focusing on questions that scored lowest against norms, and especially any that are also drivers of engagement, relevant to the employee experience you aspire to create, and support your business goals. Share the results openly with employees. Be transparent about the lack of change and what you plan to focus on next. Acknowledge when previous actions have not had the desired effect. Create a new or revised action plan, with clear timing, ownership and a commitment to providing regular updates to share progress.

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