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Getting compensation right is hard. We make it easy.

Data Interactive

Compensation Strategy & Design
Beyond Data

August 5, 2019

With Data Interactive, you can do more with your compensation and benefit data. Our secure software makes your pay review more efficient and insightful.

Easily integrate our exceptional data into one location. Data Interactive enables you to conduct deep-dive analysis such as job levelling, market analysis, design and analytics all within Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software.

We provide intuitive technology, data and analytics to reduce complexity and support decision making when designing and managing compensation programs. Compensation Software helps you see the big picture, drill into the details, answer a range of strategic questions around competitive compensation and, perhaps most importantly, take action. From automating your survey submission, refreshing new data for job matches across all survey vendors, and running analytics and modelling cost impacts, to market pricing jobs and building salary structures — a complete end-to-end solution.

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