Linking employee experience to performance outcomes

December 20, 2017

By Hamish Deery, Regional Leader for Talent, Asia Pacific

With the proliferation of technology in HR, employers may find themselves drawn to latest apps, tools, and surveys promoted as a means to enhance the employee experience while helping solve HR challenges.

This is particularly the case when they offer a “consumer-grade” user interface and experience that reflects how employees use technology in their personal lives, often a goal for organisations seeking to deliver a differentiated employee experience.

However, employers also face a real risk in adopting some of these trendy technology solutions in place of tried and tested approaches without first using evidence-based HR practices to assess how well a given tool can be predicted to lead to desired performance. In other words, when choosing HR tools and apps to help create their employee experience, it’s critical that employers make these decisions based on “predictive validity”.

To find out what criteria organisations can review to ensure the best possible business performance, while also delivering a great employee experience, please click download.

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