Paying for what matters in the new world of work

October 25, 2018
| New Zealand

With acute skill shortages impacting New Zealand employers, deriving maximum value from remuneration budgets and design is all important. Coupled with a cautious economy and a need for organisations to maintain market competitiveness, it’s crucial for employers to evaluate the way they’re looking at risk, culture and remuneration.

The 2018 Getting Compensation Right Survey examines five elements vital for companies in developing relevant, high-impact remuneration programmes.

Featuring data and insights from New Zealand and Australian companies, this report identifies the major issues and offers valuable insights and breakthrough actions.

The five key elements

Icon: base pay (banded stack of currency) Icon: incentives (gift box) Icon: technology (processor) Icon: fair pay (man and woman) Icon: pay transparency (banded stack of currency)
Identify the factors that determine base pay.
Improve differentiation of incentives.
Make effective use of technology.
Prioritise fair pay.
Build a culture of pay transparency.