The future is now

Work and rewards in evolved organizations

March 13, 2018

By John Bremen, Amy DeVylder Levanat

The future of work is here, and requires the mobilization of an evolved organization to foster it, the right talent to drive it, and modernized rewards programs to sustain it. In this ever-changing world, we frequently hear about the shifting role of human resources, work, talent and total rewards in today’s complex organizations. Yet, we hear little about what truly differentiates high-impact organizations and the programs they employ to create a sustainable competitive advantage as compared to those organizations that seem capable, but are unlikely to adapt to a breathtakingly blurred and changing world.

The evolved organization is born of an environment with radically different assumptions than were true even just a decade ago, and is built within an ecosystem characterized by agility, collaboration, ideation, innovation, client centricity, empathy and psychological safety.

In this article, published in the March 2018 issue of Workspan magazine, John Bremen and Amy DeVylder Levanat share CHRO perspectives, coupled with data from Willis Towers Watson employer and employee research, to provide an insightful view into ways that organizations are approaching the opportunities ahead. The article is reproduced here with the permission of WorldatWork.