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Construction: how to influence your insurance costs


By Tony Seto | December 2, 2020

A tough year in construction is exacerbated by a hard insurance market but we can help build the right cover for you

The cost of cover for core construction risks is rising particularly in Contract Works, Design & Construct PI and Third Party Liability.

But there is something you can do about it – to look at both cost and depth of the covers your business needs, conduct a contractors’ insurance program review.

To present a compelling case to underwriters, we work with you to identify the most optimal mix of cover, ensuring the policies your business holds are fit for purpose, that you’re not unwittingly buying too much or too little cover and how to position your business to reduce premiums.

Willis Towers Watson has extensive experience in professional insurance services for contractors, owners and professionals in the construction industry and project finance aspects. This includes the design of competitive insurance and risk management programs, insurance placement of construction and erection all risks, delay in start-up and professional liability, among others. Talk to us about an initial review of your insurance program.

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Tony Seto
National Manager, Construction

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