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Employee wellbeing: Addressing the stigma of mental health and suicide

Integrated Wellbeing

By Mandie Conforti | May 29, 2019

Many employers can do more to address the stigma of mental health issues and suicide. Hear why this is critical now.

The majority of employers (63%) have not taken and are not planning on taking any action to address suicide, according to the 2019 Willis Towers Watson Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey: Mental Health. In this podcast, Mandie Conforti, licensed clinical social worker (L.C.S.W.) and senior consultant at Willis Towers Watson, discusses why employers need to address the stigma of mental health issues and suicide now, provide assistance for those struggling and create a culture of awareness that supports suicide prevention.

Talking about suicide doesn’t make suicide happen. It actually allows people to know that it’s okay to talk about mental health. It’s okay to talk about issues related to suicide. By addressing them, that’s the first way to combat the stigma.”

Mandie Conforti, L.C.S.W. | Senior Consultant, Willis Towers Watson

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