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The strategic importance of benefits and how to turn on your employees to the value

New Zealand report – 2017/18 Asia Pacific Benefits Trends survey

Health and Benefits

November 30, 2017

New Zealand findings revealed 60% of employers intend to make health & wellbeing a competitive advantage, and are taking actions to reduce work-related stress.

Health and wellbeing benefits will be a major differentiator for New Zealand companies according to the New Zealand report from the 2017-18 Asia Pacific Benefits Trends survey.

In a period where many employees are battling mounting financial and health anxieties, benefits will play a vital role in re-establishing employees’ sense of security and boosting engagement.

The New Zealand report also looks at benefits strategy, building a benefits portfolio and how to develop flexibility and choice to enhance employee engagement.

A focus on wellbeing – employee health and financial stresses

Hand-in-hand with designing an effective benefit strategy comes enhancing the employee experience around it. The New Zealand report has an in depth look into employee health and wellness and financial wellness. 60%of New Zealand employers are taking actions to reduce work-related stress, while one in five employers report financial issues are common in the workforce.

We also address a number of key conclusions for the design and implementation of benefits in New Zealand, highlighting the need to differentiate your employee value proposition, to harness the power of data, to segment and personalise, use technology to engage and the value of broadening benefits to include a truly holistic view of wellbeing.

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