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How to use your HR portal to personalize the employee experience

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By Michelle Northey | November 29, 2017

Have you ever received a personalized gift? One that has your monogram? This means someone put a lot of time and thought into giving you something you’d really like — and even went a step further by putting your name or initials on it.

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Did you know you could create a similar experience for your employees with a personalized HR portal?

It takes a little work and thought, but creating an HR portal that’s designed with your employees in mind can send a powerful message to employees: We care about you as individuals. And it goes a long way in boosting employee engagement and enhancing the effectiveness of your HR function.

Here are three ways to consider using your HR portal to create a personalized employee experience:

  1. For new hires: A personalized experience could come in the form of a special welcome note and/or information on expectation-setting and day one orientation materials. Useful materials to consider include getting started guides, checklists and other references (e.g., a list of relevant contacts).
  2. For existing employees: You may want to target their content based on employment status such as full time or part time, geography or organization. Different news, events, program eligibility or information, policies or documents could be appropriate based on these different employee dimensions. It’s also important to consider the available language options for employees. Additionally, it’s meaningful to include employee-specific data that adds a layer of personalization. Imagine, for example, a personalized employee-level dashboard that shows the individual’s detailed information, such as 401(K) contribution percent, benefit election information or paid time off balance.
  3. For managers: It might be helpful to include specialized content such as instructions, guides, reference materials and how-to documents. You may need to cover priorities, announcements, procedures, templates and change communications as well. In each of these examples, you might also provide access to other systems and specific tools, as needed, to fulfill HR changes, along with tasks or job responsibilities.

When I think back to the monogrammed gifts I’ve received, one of the reasons I loved them was because they celebrated special connections. The same can be accomplished with your company’s HR portal. So, create that connection, celebrate it and make it stronger over time.

About the Author

Michelle Northey
Global Product Leader, HR Portal Software

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