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Virtual Talent and Reward Conference 2021

We are at the perfect inflection point. The perfect reflection point. And the perfect point to drive long-term systemic change.”

Amanda Scott | GB Head of Talent and Rewards
Talent and Reward Conference 2021

Summary video

Opening session: What’s next for work and reward?

In our opening session we looked to the future and we identified the business and people needs that are shaping what's next for work and reward.

Masterclass #1: Changing role of the organisation

This class looks at the need for organisations to reflect on the demand for flexibility and choice, and on how work is organised and structured.

Masterclass #2: Evolution of rewards

In this session we took a deep dive into the big themes that are shaping the total rewards of the future.

Masterclass #3: Reimagining the employee experience

Learn how organisations will need to be intentional about their culture, embrace deep listening strategies and utilise behavioural science to create sustainable engagement.

Masterclass #4: Delivering to your ESG responsibilities

Explore with us how the ESG agenda is impacting talent and rewards, with topics including executive compensation, culture change, communications, I&D matters and human capital governance.

Masterclass #5: Holistic employee wellbeing

In this session we looked at what holistic employee wellbeing looks like, why personalising your approach better addresses individual needs and how digitisation, when used well, can connect people to your strategy.

Masterclass #6: M&A in a virtual environment

In this session, we explored the many innovative ways in which organisations have continued to do deals while being unable to physically meet their counterparts. We also looked at how to plan and execute an M&A project in this new reality, using best practices to help implement your M&A strategy.

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