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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has disrupted daily life as we know it, roiled financial markets and instilled fear and uncertainty in many, challenging leaders in government and business to allay concerns and respond to the crisis. We are approaching the array of issues COVID-19 presents through the lenses of people, risk and capital, creating content daily in these three areas to help business better understand and manage the crisis.


Quick access to all of Willis Towers Watson's coverage of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) insights and research.

Protecting people

Organisations are taking various precautionary measures with respect to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Working closely with the HR community, we recognise the critical importance of staying abreast of such trends and practices to ensure our people’s wellbeing while managing business risks.

We are committed to supporting our clients through this unprecedented period and helping them manage many complex people issues around COVID-19. In order to help businesses navigate through some of these complexities and understand ultimately what this may mean for them, we have developed a range of resources providing timely insights on critical issues affecting organisations.

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Managing risk

In terms of risk, the first question many are asking is, “Will my insurance cover losses associated with COVID-19?” This depends on several factors, primarily the type of coverage, the nature of the loss and the policy itself.

But managing risk goes far beyond insurance. For example, how to handle employees who were overseas who would like to return home. When to encourage colleagues to go back into the office. And how to help protect essential employees who must work during the crisis.

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Safeguarding capital

The COVID-19 pandemic has already had a deep impact on capital markets. And its long-term impact will not be understood for some time. Businesses should take a long-term perspective but be prepared for volatile times ahead.

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Additional resources

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Quick access to all of Willis Towers Watson's coverage of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) insights and research.

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