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Is ‘good enough’ really good enough when communicating your Total Rewards programs?

Total Rewards

By Michael Tyukodi | October 18, 2017

My dad always said, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.” I think that lesson holds true on just about everything I do. Well, except for my handyman skills. Sometimes I know my limits and I’ll fix something so that it’s ‘close enough.’ It’s not that what I’m doing is necessarily wrong, but I know there’s likely a better solution for my particular problem and it usually requires me to hire someone for the job.

Man using computer with "Rewards" on the screen

I hear the same thing from organizations when we talk about their needs for communicating their Total Rewards programs. Almost always, these are the primary goals mentioned when the organization describes what they're trying to communicate:

  • Raise awareness and appreciation of their Total Rewards programs
  • Highlight lost opportunities
  • Show the hidden value of their programs
  • Increase employee engagement

Like my handyman shortcuts, many organizations will take the easiest path and opt to use a solution that doesn't meet their communication objectives. This includes utilizing:

  • A vendor administration site that's self-serving as the content and data are only focused on wealth building or retirement planning;
  • Their benefits enrollment system that's focused on the transactional elements of their Total Rewards that may only change once a year; or
  • An HRIS system that can't bring in external data sources and may only include a view of basic total compensation without supporting content.

These solutions may indeed be 'good enough,' but what they don't do is tell the whole story of your Talent Value Proposition and the value of your Total Rewards programs.

When evaluating media to communicate your Total Rewards programs, make sure the solution you choose brings together personalized content and data for your organizations':

  • Foundational rewards
  • Performance-based rewards
  • Career and environmental rewards

Combining all of the relevant content and data into one solution gives you the best chance of success in meeting your communication objectives and changing employees' behaviors and perceptions. A dynamic Total Rewards portal that provides employees with real-time access to information on the full suite of the programs they're eligible for and participate in is one such example.

If you don't capture and convey information to your workforce on the full Total Rewards portfolio, you're only telling part of the story, which is sort of like my drywall repair skills. Good enough, but certainly not great.


Director - New Business

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