Press Release

Gras Savoye in Lebanon celebrates moving to
Willis Towers Watson brand

January 9, 2017
| Lebanon

BEIRUT, 9 January, 2017 -The Willis Towers Watson business in Lebanon is today celebrating its move from the brand of Gras Savoye Liban to Willis Towers Watson Lebanon S.A.L. 

Gras Savoye Liban has been part of Willis Towers Watson since January 2016, and will now be known as Willis Towers Watson Lebanon S.A.L.

The change is part of ongoing integration work across the global businesses of Willis Towers Watson, the global advisory, broking and Solutions Company, and it reflects the company’s greatly expanded range of services and wider geographic reach.

Gras Savoye was acquired by Willis at the end of 2015, and Willis subsequently underwent a merger of equals with Towers Watson in January 2016. Willis Towers Watson has a global team of more than 39,000 working in more than 120 territories.

Arnaud de Moulins-Beaufort, CEO of Willis Towers Watson Lebanon, said: "The Willis Towers Watson brand will help us build a global identity at a local level here in Lebanon, something our domestic and multinational clients value. The new brand shows that we offer much more to our clients, both in terms of products and services, and in worldwide presence. But it is also important to note that, while we have a new brand, we remain the same team offering the same great service."

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