Findings now available: India Health and Wellbeing Study

November 28, 2018
| India

Companies in India are beginning to take a more holistic view of employee health and wellness, going beyond physical wellbeing to include emotional and financial wellbeing. All round steps are being taken, however an overarching health and wellness strategy is largely missing.

Willis Towers Watson conducted the India Health and Wellbeing Study with an aim to explore the strategies and tactics used by organisations in India to address employee health and wellbeing. The study was conducted during June to August 2018 and polled over 100 organisations and senior HR leaders from multiple sectors.

Key survey findings include:

  • Going beyond physical wellbeing - 66% employers in India have already developed, or are developing a stress or mental health strategy for their employees and an additional 17% are considering it for 2021; 63% already have or are developing a strategy to improve financial wellbeing and 13% are considering it for 2021
  • Employers are most concerned about their employees’ lack of physical activity (62%) and stress (55%)
  • One in four employers recognise the role of' ‘family’ towards employee wellbeing
  • All round steps being taken, including family outreach, but an overarching health and wellness strategy is largely missing
  • Companies moving towards segmentation and increasingly embracing technology
  • Effective and tailored communications - key for success
  • Role of management and leadership is key to promoting health and wellbeing

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