Social housing in the UK - managing the risks

May 8, 2018
| United Kingdom

The UK Government has set a target of building 1 million new homes in England by the end of 2020. Given that only approximately 160,000 homes were completed in 2015 this is likely to still leave a shortfall of 200,000 homes. This means there is an increased demand for social housing projects, especially in the south east.

Social Housing projects often involve specific risk considerations for developers and investors. Having an in depth understanding of the project and the risk appetite of the developer is at the centre an economically beneficial risk transfer strategy. Willis Towers Watson project specialists Rod Palmer and Jonathan Thacker examine, dissect and debate the current project risk format, providing insight into its application to manage social housing project risks.

Topics discussed:

  • Key risks for developers and investors
  • Project life cycle
  • Initial planning or development phase
  • Construction phase insurance programme
  • Owner controlled insurance programme (OCIP)
  • Operational phase insurance programme
Compliance code: FP2381a