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Total Rewards Optimization

How do HR leaders meet the challenge of allocating limited reward budgets in ways that appropriately recognize employees’ varying levels of contribution and performance?
Willis Towers Watson helps you invest your reward dollars in a way that generates the highest possible perceived value for employees at the most economical level for the organization.

Align your reward investments with the employee experience

Willis Towers Watson Total Rewards Optimization (TRO) helps your organization find its Total Rewards sweet spot — the intersection that aligns what and how much you spend with what your employees value most and least across the rewards you offer — while uncovering how reward changes affect employee behavior and performance on the job.

Total Rewards leaders are using analytics and market research techniques to better understand the expectations of a diverse, multi-generational workforce and to secure a better return on what is typically a significant workforce investment. With Total Rewards Optimization, HR executives can:

  1. Give employees a voice in their rewards as part of a broader employee listening strategy.

    Inform your Total Rewards strategy and talent value proposition by understanding which rewards employees value most and least using a sophisticated survey approach called conjoint analysis, a survey methodology used by market research professionals to understand customer preferences.

  2. Model the cost and impact of reward changes on attraction, retention and engagement.

    Assess the return on your Total Rewards investment as well as the impact of the program on your workforce by combining employee preferences with financial data. Model various investment scenarios and decide how much to invest and where to get the best possible results for the smallest possible investment.

  3. Eliminate guesswork from plan design.

    Use data to understand what employees see as the most and least valuable components of their reward packages. Help leaders make the right investment decisions and deliver a talent value proposition that is likely to foster desired attitudes and behaviors at a cost the organization can afford.

  4. Develop unique rewards strategies for key workforce segments.

    Use segmentation to understand the different priorities and attitudes of a multigenerational workforce towards benefits, cash and work/life balance and build a competitive edge in attracting, retaining and engaging top talent.

We can partner with you to shape a unique integrated approach to your Total Rewards, enabling your employees to thrive and your organization to prosper.

Let us help you find your Total Rewards sweet spot.

Willis Towers Watson Total Rewards Optimization Software

Finding your total rewards sweet spot

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