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COVID-19 advisory on Risk and Insurance

COVID 19 Coronavirus

April 28, 2020

Our client advisory comprises of FAQs and action points that should clarify queries pertaining to coverage in your respective insurance policies.

The outbreak of global pandemic COVID-19 has significantly fraught the functioning of all sectors with far-reaching impacts ranging from the shutdown of factories, challenging job conditions and supply chain disruption. This brings to the forefront several pertinent questions and action points, which you, as an insured, should be well informed about.

We have put together the client advisory comprising of Frequently Asked Questions and Action Points which should be considered, when responding to COVID-19 affected situations. This document should help in clarifying several doubts and questions about coverage pertaining to your Assets, Transit and Liability risks and respective insurance policies.

As always, we are committed to providing clarity and confidence to you, our valued clients, for meeting this ever evolving challenge. To help you better understand and prepare for the people, risk and insurance implications for your organisation, our team of experts remain available to assist you.

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