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Infographic: Attraction and retention in the modernised workforce

Asia Pacific findings from Willis Towers Watson's 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards, and Global Workforce Studies


March 28, 2017

Insights from 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards and Global Workforce studies on attraction, retention and sustainable engagement.

Securing and retaining top talent is still as challenging as ever in Asia Pacific, as rapid technology developments deconstruct and disperse work across a virtual workspace. Understanding the gaps between employee and employer views on attraction, retention and sustainable engagement is critical.

Infographic attraction and retention

About the studies:

  • The 2016 Global Workforce Study measures the attitudes of a representative sample of over 31,000 employees around the globe – 12,868 of whom are in Asia Pacific - to provide a detailed view into employees’ expectations and concerns.
  • The 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards Study captures the perspectives of over 2,000 employers — 695 of which are in Asia Pacific — that collectively employ nearly 21 million people worldwide. The study explored timely attraction, retention and engagement issues essential to effective employment deals and reward strategies.
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