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vPlace is a one-stop workplace that delivers a range of Willis Towers Watson’s leading insurance software products, powered by up-to-date hardware and software, to your desktop as Software as a Service (SaaS).

vPlace is a one-stop online workplace that enables a range of Willis Towers Watson's leading insurance software products, and other supplementary actuarial programs, to be delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) IT environment.

Sophisticated actuarial software provides serious competitive advantage to insurers. However, in many instances the IT support environments and infrastructure need to fully benefit from this software is outpacing insurers' existing IT – leaving them unable to reap the rewards of their software investment.

This is where vPlace can help – our SaaS virtual workspace. Tailored to the specific technology needs of actuaries, vPlace overcomes common limitations and constraints of legacy systems to provide an alternate IT environment to host, manage and run your Willis Towers Watson risk software and supplementary tools.

vPlace lets your actuarial teams use the latest tools to achieve more in less time, and better equips your business to respond to fluctuating industry pressures, maximising your actuarial software investment.

Key benefits

  • Fully managed actuarial Software as a Service – removing IT's costs and delays in installing and managing specialized actuarial systems
  • Automatic software updates to ensure you're always working with the latest version in an optimized environment – seize the full power and potential of Willis Towers Watson's suite of actuarial software products
  • Seamless user experience provided through an easy to use interface that hosts your software applications and data in a central location allowing for easy cross-tool collaboration
  • Removes workload from onsite desktop PCs, which limits system conflict and increases software speed and performance
  • Uses leading cloud-based security services with exceptional privacy credentials, as well as built-in disaster recovery
  • High-quality, specialist client services with expert support available 24/7
  • Accessible from anywhere, at anytime — removing the reliance and constraints of traditional desktop PCs
  • Cost-effective way to implement and manage actuarial technology
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