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Unify makes it possible for you to fundamentally change your financial modelling and reporting processes and devote your time to value-added insights, not routine production tasks.

Willis Towers Watson’s Unify connects and integrates all of the disparate systems an insurer may have. It provides automation to enable processes to be completed more efficiently, freeing up expensive personnel to perform more beneficial, ‘value-added’ work.

Willis Towers Watson’s Unify, an enterprise risk and actuarial systems integration platform, helps you rise to a higher standard of performance in risk and capital management.

Key benefits:

  • Enables seamless integration with Willis Towers Watson software solutions and third-party software to give you easier and more powerful configuration and control of individual software products 
  • Automates flexible, user-defined workflows to easily run these integrated solutions, scheduled or triggered by external systems for improved efficiency and productivity  
  • Supports best practice governance, including security, process review and approval and version control. It also processes audit trails tailored to your company's requirements to help ensure your financial modelling processes are conducted properly and tracked thoroughly 

Unify will help your company to fundamentally change its financial modelling and reporting processes. You can spend less time on routine production tasks and more time using the results to deliver value-added insight and gain competitive advantage.

Unify was awarded “Best ERM end-to-end solution” at the InsuranceERM Awards 2017.


Not just for financial modelling!

Unify is often thought of as just an enterprise risk and actuarial systems integration platform. But it’s so much more. Anywhere a process needs to be followed by one, or a number of people, Unify can help. And it is especially powerful where a lot of data and a lot of people are involved. Here are just some of the other ways clients are benefiting from Unify:

Daily solvency monitoring
Do you have a process in place to collect relevant solvency data, run proxies and revalue your portfolios to calculate a daily solvency position? Then workflows running in Unify can accelerate and manage this process, automatically sourcing data, running calculations, and populating reports and dashboards.

Sales metrics
Unify can be used to orchestrate Management Information (MI) for any system, from sales, through administration, to market monitoring. Unify can be configured on a daily schedule to poll a source – or sources – of information, extracting, transforming and loading that data into a destination (including PowerBI, Excel and Word), where it can be displayed as graphical MI.

Net Promoter Score surveys
For many organisations, the process for generating and collating a Net Promotor Score is highly manual and time consuming. This can be implemented in Unify, delivering a fully functional system that covers all aspects of the NPS process.

Orchestrating administration
As well as running complex processes governing underlying calculation engines and software packages, Unify can also be used for simple orchestration purposes. This includes sending daily company / team update e-mails, issuing notifications of key events triggered by external circumstances, delivering updates on the firm’s share prices etc.

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