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Compensation Surveys and Market Data

The right data allows you to make the right compensation and benefit decisions that will help modernise your total rewards programmes and compete for the right talent. Our comprehensive data, supported by deep expertise and intuitive software, position you to compete for and keep valued employees in the new world of work.

Why do organisations need accurate, reliable compensation data?

  • Employers are challenged to get compensation and benefits right and simultaneously maximise return on investment.
  • Talent is in short supply, so it’s essential to understand what compensation and benefits employees value. 
  • Insights enable HR professionals to keep pace with rapidly shifting talent markets and new ways of working with critical skills, contingent workers and automation.
  • Organisations entering new markets need research to understand the HR environment, culture and local practices.
  • Data help employers modernise their total rewards programs so that they successfully attract, engage and retain coveted talent.

We understand the power of data and how they can translate into innovative and pioneering solutions. Supported by our deep expertise, insights and software, we can help you take a fresh look at building a competitive compensation and benefits plan that aligns with your organisation's goals and objectives. 

With Data Services, you have the ability to level roles for benchmarking across industry sectors, as well as analyse total annual compensation, annual and long-term incentives, total direct compensation and total rewards. And each year, we collect data on over 35 million employees in more than 40,000 organisations, across more than 130 countries.

What we offer

  1. 01

    Survey data for all industries

    Salary surveys that provide robust, detailed compensation data for all industries and geographies, covering executives and employees at all levels.

  2. 02

    Easy-to-use methodology

    Globally consistent methodology, for reliable, flexible job matching.

  3. 03

    Research and publications

    Studies on benefits, employment terms and conditions, and global publications written by a dedicated research team.

  4. 04

    Custom compensation and benefit surveys

    Tailored surveys designed to address your organisation’s specific goals and objectives.

  5. 05

    Latest insights and trends

    We look beyond data, to keep you informed of key changes and trends in your market and industry. Join us, and your peers, at our many events and webinars.

  6. 06

    Global, regional and local experts

    We ensure decision-quality data that reflect local governing laws and cultural practices, and support your data interpretation and subsequent action plans.

  7. 07

    Software that does the analysis for you

    Interactive benchmark data, global job leveling and robust reporting and analytics capabilities to help you deliver the right compensation to the right employee segments in the right way.

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Focus on what matters most to your people. We can help by providing you with the best data, unrivaled expertise and the right technology — getting you the answers to your most challenging compensation issues quickly and simply.

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