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COVID-19 risk management services

The COVID-19 crisis has caused an unprecedented health pandemic and an economic impact that will last for a considerable amount of time. Now more than ever, effective risk management is key to ensure the sustainability, security and growth of an organisation.

Managing change effectively is crucial, which is why our risk managers have created a series of solutions to help organisations protect their business and stakeholders’ interests:

Post pandemic debrief workshop

Organisations often underestimate the importance of evaluating how effective their business continuity and crisis management plans were during and after the response to a serious incident. The COVID-19 global pandemic may mean businesses now have different operational, financial and people risks to what is currently documented.

Our new Post Pandemic Debriefing Workshop (PPDW) allows organisations to capture the key learnings from their response to the pandemic and strengthen their recovery and response plans – giving an improved business response to future crisis events.

Please contact Rod Ratsma for further information.

Back to work assessment

Businesses must review their “return to normal” plans to consider any new requirements. Understanding where gaps exist in current procedures and protocols is essential in considering how these can be closed.

Our new COVID-19 Return to Work Assessment allows organisations to assess their recovery posture across a number of key categories such as People, Supply Chain, Health and Safety and others. The assessment rates your organisation using a bespoke framework that incorporates a mix of good practice and over 20 years’ industry experience.

Please contact Rod Ratsma for further information.

Virtual Survey Service

Despite the current pandemic restrictions insurers still require assurance that assets are adequately protected against peril. To address this need effectively our Property Risk Engineering Team has introduced a new service which allows surveys to be undertaken ‘virtually’. In summary, an experienced Risk Engineer will review documentation supplied by the site prior to engaging in a call with site personnel to clarify any matters arising from the documentation review. Sites can also be examined using satellite imagery and by reference to various databases. Information is then used to either update existing survey reports or, for new sites, compile a new purpose designed report.

Please contact Robert Seaden for further information.

RAPID (Risk Assessment Probability and Impact Diagnosis)

Sometimes known as Enterprise Wide Risk Management or even Holistic Risk Management, ERM is the development and the embedding of risk management systems and processes throughout an organisation. ERM helps ensure organisations operate within their risk appetite, while achieving strategic objectives.

Our recently updated methodology named 'RAPID' (Risk Assessment & Probability Impact Diagnostic) provides an efficient, effective way of understanding the risks that organisations face. The new RAPID offers your organisation a powerful tool that is scalable and fully customizable to fit your business needs. The versatile methodology will help you to identify, register, manage and report on your risks, allowing you to make informed decisions about risk treatment strategies. RAPID can also be used to assess risk around specific activities such as IPOs, product launchers and acquisitions.

Please contact Rod Ratsma for further information.

Return to work health and safety assessment

As we move to the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations will be seeking ways in which they can begin to recover operations. Businesses should take time to review their recovery plans to consider the ‘new’ normal. Understanding where gaps exist in current health and safety procedures and protocols is essential in considering how these can be closed. This will help ensure compliance with legal requirements and potentially reduce regulatory civil liability.

The Willis Towers Watson COVID-19 Return to Work Assessment will assist you in assessing your recovery posture across multiple health and safety disciplines. The assessment will rate your organisation using a bespoke framework that incorporates a mix of good practice and over 20 years of industry experience.

Please contact Simon Jones for further information.

Fleet risk analysis

Managing vehicle fleets efficiently post pandemic is challenging given the need to prevent infection spread. Ensuring compliance with the relevant Health and Safety legislation is key and employers are required to undertake an assessment of the risks to employees at work, and to others who may be affected by the employer’s work activities. There are also duties requiring compliance under the Road Traffic Act, Drivers Hours, and Construction and Use Regulations.

A legal obligation exists to ensure all work-related activities are risk assessed and driving, as part of work-based activities, is now seen as a high-risk activity.

During the pandemic Willis Towers Watsons fleet risk consultants have been actively involved in supporting clients and helping them to control emerging risks as operational fleets transition from inactivity to becoming reemployed.

The Fleet Risk Recovery Analysis identifies the core risks associated with operating a fleet of vehicles using focussed lines of enquiry designed to ensure all possible considerations are in place.

Please contact Andrew Millinship for further information.

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