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Are media companies differentiating pay for digital talent?

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By Nora O’Donovan and Jaap Scholten | May 12, 2020

Our survey data shows that media companies have an aggressive remuneration approach in place for their primary digital roles.

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The short answer to this question is: yes, our survey data shows that media companies have an aggressive remuneration approach in place for their in-demand, digital roles and are generally paying higher than other sectors as they vie for talent.

As the media and technology sectors continue to converge, many traditional media companies are now competing for talent and market share against technology disruptors entering the market.

Technology has become the driving force in a new expanded sector encompassing Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) and success means having the right technology and first-class content, however there is now an additional hurdle of having to compete with technology organisations for talent. In order to compensate for often not being recognised as a digital brand, the sector is typically offering higher compensation levels to stand out from competitors.

As you can see from the below graphs, media organisations are typically paying above and beyond other sectors for these roles:

Overall Median Pay Comparison by Industry in the UK using General Industry as a base

Our 2019 Media Compensation Survey shows that as well as an aggressive positioning against other sectors, organisations are also differentiating pay for their technology and data science roles internally when compared to other job functions. Information Technology (IT), Data Science and Business Intelligence, and IT Development functions are consistently receiving the largest base pay packages while jobs in the IT Administration function are more in line with other corporate function roles.

Average median pay levels by function including the percentage difference against the overall average pay

Technology companies are increasingly becoming the competition and consequently there is a demand for market data from our High Tech and Media Compensation surveys. As a result, we have introduced a TMT report which combines the high tech and media compensation databases into a single report. The report has a single combined high tech and media participant list, a substantial increase in the sample size for common job codes, as well as access to all technology and media jobs such as technology product development and media production in a single report. Custom access will still allow users to run peer group analysis should they wish to view a narrower set of peers.

Data is an essential part of designing your compensation programme to drive attraction and retention of critical talent. As the sector demographics change, you should consider using market data across the wider TMT sector to understand the practices that drive the pay levels for your roles.


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