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Company information

Name of the company Willis Towers Watson dioničko društvo za posredovanje u osiguranju i reosiguranju
Willis Towers Watson d.d.
Headquarters Avenija Većeslava Holjevca 40, HR-10000 Zagreb
Registered in court register at Commercial Court in Zagreb
Company registration number (MBS) 080886464
Personal identification number (OIB) 42915535496
Account opened at OTP banka d.d.
Domovinskog rata 61, HR-21000 Split
Bank account number HR7024070001100504145
Share capital 3.200.000,00 kn paid in full
Divided into 3.200 shares
Nominal value of the share 1.000,00 kn
People authorised to represent the company Marko Štajduhar, Chief executive officer
Board of Directors Pamela Jane Thomson-Hall, President
Eleni Lykoudi, Deputy President
Marko Štajduhar, Member

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Avenija Većeslava Holjevca 40,
HR-10000 Zagreb
+385 1 4848 510