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They like me, they really like me! A candidate view of total rewards.


By Michael Tyukodi | February 22, 2017

Turnover is on the rise and so is the competition for new talent, putting the pressure on HR to effectively manage and track their employees.

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Some of the questions we frequently get from clients are:

  • What is the right candidate software to invest in?
  • Is it software that maximizes the reach of your job postings?
  • Is it assessment software that evaluates your new recruits?
  • Is it software that improves the onboarding process to reduce the time to productivity?
  • Or, is the best decision to invest in software that can explain the employment deal you are offering to the key talent you are looking to acquire?

Talent trouble

Employees are looking for organizations that offer competitive pay, opportunities for advancement and job security

According to our 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards, and Global Workforce Studies, turnover is rising globally. More employers report that turnover has increased (35%) rather than decreased (19%) in the past 12 months.

Additionally, 28% of organizations report difficulties attracting employees and over half of employers find it difficult to attract talent in key segments:

  • critical-skill employees (55%)
  • high-potential employees (54%)
  • top-performing employees (56%)

Critical-skill, high-potential, and top-performing employees; these sound like important people to find for your organization. Because of this challenge, many organizations opt for a solution that can address candidate perceptions of the employment deal and increase the rate of acceptance of job offers for these key groups.

This research also tells us that employees are looking to work for organizations that offer competitive pay, opportunities for advancement and job security. Additionally, it tells us that employers typically overlook the importance of the physical work environment and job security.

Where HR software comes in

By using HR software solutions that extend total rewards messages to candidates, employers can customize content and messaging that will highlight these key offerings and present a full picture of the rewards offered by the organization. Think of the total rewards candidate view as the next evolution of the corporate career website. It provides custom details on how the job offer will truly work for the candidate with that extra level of personalization that is not available on the career website.

These solutions also give recruiters the ability to provide individualized content and data for these prized recruits – giving them the edge to gain acceptance of a job offer before one of their competitors can jump in.

Think of it in simpler terms. If you are going to ask someone to dance, don't you think that you'll have a greater chance of success if you can tell them that you have same taste in appetizers and punch, that you can do the running man with them today and teach them how to line dance in the future, and that you'll always be their dance partner for as long as they want you to be?

Sign me up. Cue the music.


Director - New Business

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