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MPF comparison

Investment performance comparison

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The investment performance of the MPF funds is one of the crucial areas that members and companies shall review regularly. MPFA regularly publishes the fund performance, fees, fund risk indicator and other relevant information of all MPF funds under the Fund Performance Platform in the MPFA website. It is an interactive tool allowing scheme members to select and compare relative performance of MPF funds of their choice.

Willis Towers Watson publishes MPF Performance Book quarterly on subscription basis. If you wish to order a copy or require more information, please contact us.


Fee comparison

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One of the key factors in selecting an appropriate MPF fund of your choice is the fees charged by each fund. However, the fees and charges often vary and it could be difficult to understand and compare the information provided by different MPF sponsors. With this in mind, the MPFA provides a Fee Comparative Platform showing the Fund Expense Ratio (i.e. the total amount of expenses charged) of all MPF funds.


Service comparison

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In addition to investment performance and fees, another key consideration for selecting a preferred MPF scheme is the services provided, such as the availability of member services, completion time for processing investment instructions and transfer of benefits. Members may refer to the Trustee Service Comparative Platform provided by the MPFA to better understand the services of various MPF schemes.


MPF market share

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Do you know how your MPF sponsor ranks in terms of the market share within the entire MPF market? This section provides the latest MPF market distribution information, and helps you to understand the relative MPF asset sizes of different sponsors in the MPF market.