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Modernizing benefits: Take the 2019 Benefit Trends Survey

Health and Benefits

April 23, 2019

What does it mean to be a “modern” employer? Leading employers understand that it entails a new kind of balancing act.

Employees expect purpose-driven work with opportunities for meaningful experiences; workplace policies that offer greater flexibility and celebrate diversity and inclusion; and corporate responsibility toward communities and the environment.

So how does your benefit program stack up? By participating in the 2019 Willis Towers Watson Benefit Trends Survey, you’ll gain insights into what steps your most successful peers are taking to modernize their benefits, and be able to benchmark where you stand.

We're surveying employers that do business in the countries listed below. We invite you to complete the survey questionnaire for each country in which you have operations (additional languages available within the country link):

Asia Pacific Europe Latin America Middle East and Africa North America
Australia Belgium Argentina Cameroon Canada
China Denmark Brazil Congo (Rep) United States
Hong Kong France Chile Côte d'Ivoire  
India Germany Colombia Egypt  
Indonesia Ireland Mexico Jordan  
Japan Italy Peru Ghana  
Malaysia Netherlands Puerto Rico Kenya  
New Zealand Norway Uruguay Morocco  
Philippines Poland Venezuela Nigeria  
Singapore Portugal   Saudia Arabia  
South Korea Romania   Senegal  
Taiwan Russia   South Africa  
Thailand Spain   Tunisia  
Vietnam Sweden   United Arab Emirates  
  United Kingdom  

About the survey

The Benefits Trends Survey focuses on high-level trends around benefit strategy, costs, design and delivery across a broad spectrum of benefits.

The 2017/2018 survey was conducted between April and June 2017, and received responses from over 3,400 companies globally.

The most comprehensive survey of its kind, this year the survey will field in 50+ countries in Asia, the Americas and EMEA — giving rise to global as well as regional and local insights.

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