Sustainable Investment in action: Practical solutions for investors

January 31, 2019
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Sustainable investment is about improving investment outcomes – better returns and lower risk. Investors are now rightfully recognising its central importance in their long-term success, and taking the opportunity to embed it within their investment processes.

We wrote last year that it was “Time for everyone to translate thinking into action” and this update showcases some of what we’ve been doing to deliver on that for our clients across private market and equity solutions, manager research and risk management tools to mention a few.
Some of the highlights are listed below:

Selection of case studies to show how we've captured long-term sustainability trends in private markets allocations

image of green house with a bullet list to the right of the image

Deep dive research on how the largest asset managers are approaching stewardship

Two graphs, left showing size of stewardship teams over time and right showering per$100b between 2013 and 2018

Sustainability tools for risk management, including physical climate risk mapping

image showing climate scoring for Australia with percentage breakdowns and a climate map

Download the paper for more on these topics.