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Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software

Our revolutionary survey platform enables an agile listening strategy with predictive analytics, natural language processing, and robust action planning features all designed to give you the insights you need to build a high performance culture and exceptional employee experiences that drive business results.

The industry’s premier employee survey platform

Willis Towers Watson Employee Engagement Software is the industry's premier survey platform, used by over 500 of the world's leading organizations to provide leaders and managers with insights and tools to improve the employee experience and business performance.

Our software brings together a brain trust of the world's foremost organizational psychologists with cutting-edge technology and the world's largest normative benchmark database. The result is a fast, intuitive and smart listening experience for your workforce, HR teams, and leaders and managers.

Key features

Intuitive survey design

Design and deploy surveys as needed, on demand, in just minutes using our pre-built survey templates, selecting from our library of over 600 questions (pretranslated in 19 languages), or writing content from scratch.

Fast, mobile-first surveys

A modern and highly engaging experience for survey respondents, supporting 73 languages.

Live tracking

Track returns and results in real time while the survey is live, access final reports as soon as it closes.

World's most powerful benchmarks

Easily compare your company's results to our extensive database of nearly 500 employee opinion benchmarks, updated annually.

Compelling online dashboards and PowerPoint decks

Reach the right person at the right time with a personalized, segmented content strategy that drives changes to behavior or program perception. Employees only see and access tools and information most relevant to them.

Predictive analytics

A smart algorithm identifies predictors of performance and provides managers with a dashboard highlighting issues to address, suggested actions, and next steps. Learn more

Action planning

Pre-built action plans for all managers proven to improve managers’ scores between 7 and 9 percent by their next survey when implemented.

Advanced comments analysis

Translate words into actionable insights with natural language processing, in 44 languages, in an instant. See underlying themes, levels of sentiment and heat maps of your organization.

Advanced analytics

Supercharge your analysis by connecting insights across multiple surveys to answer your thorniest talent questions. Learn more

You can access our Employee Engagement Software as part of a survey program fully managed end-to-end by Willis Towers Watson, or licensed as a self-service (SAAS) tool for ultimate flexibility.

Unleash the power of Willis Towers Watson's software, data and advisory services to deliver a world-class employee survey and insight program. Come explore the Willis Towers Watson difference.

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