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Better Equities – Asia

Willis Towers Watson has the depth of resources to help our clients think differently and change their investment portfolios for achieving better outcomes. Here are our views and perspectives on equity investing and the ways by which institutional investors can construct a better equity portfolio.

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  1. Video: A better way to equity investing

    In this video, Mark Brugner, director, head of manager research for Asia Pacific, suggests a better way to construct an equity portfolio. Watch the video

  2. Take good care of your 'portfolio health'

    It is crucial to identify which parts of an investment portfolio need treatment to make it work better. Here are some practical examples of weaknesses that could be detected earlier and need attention to fix. Read the article

  3. Changing investment for the better

    Institutional asset owners deserve more than the current status quo and we are committed to changing investment for the better. Read the article

  4. From better decisions to better outcomes

    This article talks about what institutional investors can do to make better decisions, build better portfolio and achieve better outcomes. Read the article

  5. Evolutionary changes in investment

    In this article, we outline why we need to change and some of the changes that have taken place within the investment industry and Willis Towers Watson. Read the article

  6. Better equities – redefining 'active'

    Willis Towers Watson's approach to building a better equity portfolio that increases the chances of long-term success in equity investing. Read the article

  7. Portfolio matters: Home Sweet Home?

    This paper explains why investors in Asia are (and should be) allocating more to global mandates and reducing the home bias when constructing their equity portfolios. Read the article

  8. Portfolio matters: Losing at the singles game

    This paper outlines some of the challenges investors face when having only one active equity manager in their portfolio and suggests how investors can improve their chances of success. Read the article

  9. Portfolio matters: Improve your odds of success

    The world of stock markets and gastronomy may seem like chalk and cheese, but success follows a similar recipe. This paper talks about the recipe for maximising the odds of success in equity investing. Read the article

  10. What is on your equity playlist?

    Our video demonstrates how our approach to equity portfolios is similar to how you would create a playlist of your favourite songs. Read the article

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Thinking Ahead Institute

The Thinking Ahead Institute brings together the world’s major investment organizations to be at the forefront of changing the industry for the benefit of the end saver, through thought leadership research and innovation. Funded by Willis Towers Watson and member subscriptions, the Institute was established in January 2015 as a global not-for-profit group comprising asset owners, investment managers and service providers. Currently it has over 40 members with combined responsibility for over US$12 trillion.