Understanding external threats to an organisation
– Geopolitical Risk

An analysis of the interconnected nature of geopolitical risks and how they can be managed

June 3, 2019

Political turmoil, arising from increasing domestic and international tensions, has created a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world for organisations to navigate.

There could not be a more important time to focus on geopolitical risk, the number one global corporate risk, pervasive and impacting on all other risks, it is at the heart of the most significant threats and opportunities to business, and sets the scene and conditions for how and where we work.

— Neal Croft,
Global Client Relationship Director,
Willis Towers Watson

Although risk professionals are aware of, and recognise, the dangers that an unpredictable political environment can pose to their organisation, identifying, quantifying and assessing those risks is the challenge that faces our profession today.

Risk teams are increasingly expected to lead the understanding and communication of relevant geopolitical risks within their organisation. This Airmic report, produced in collaboration with Willis Towers Watson, will help risk professionals begin to own the risks, understand their interconnectivity, the solutions available and appropriate responses.


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