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UK Leisure and Hospitality Day - Conference review

Future of Work

May 24, 2019

The 2019 Leisure & Hospitality Day saw leisure operators, stakeholders and regulators gather together to discuss the topics that are going to shape our industry over the coming years. This review gives an overview of the key talking points from the day.

Change is becoming the ever-present reality in leisure and hospitality. Technology and the way people want to work are transforming the industry, creating new opportunities, posing new challenges and changing risk profiles. This is disrupting long-established business models and challenging many traditional ideas about customer service.

This means huge changes in the way we work, as old roles away and new ones emerge to take their place. Many of the jobs our children will do don’t exist now. We’re changing too – as employees, we’re looking for a better experience at work, bringing expectations we’ve developed as consumers into the workplace. Businesses that understand this and get their people on side can become more resilient – overcoming modern threats such as cyber risk, which depend on an effective human response.

In our Leisure & Hospitality Day, we explored all of these themes and trends with our expert guests and speakers, looking at the opportunities opening up, how we can adapt our businesses and workforces to succeed, and how we can mitigate the risks that come with transformative change.

This review gives an overview of the key talking points from the day. If you would like to know more, please contact a member of your Client Service team, or your account manager, or contact our GB Retail and Leisure & Hospitality Practice Leader Kelvyn Sampson.

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