Executive Director market data in FTSE 100 companies

September 4, 2018
| United Kingdom

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By Jane O'Reilly, Tilly Bostock and Jasper Even

This report sets out a final update for the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) season on key executive pay developments this year. It also provides an overview of executive pay market data for companies in the FTSE 30, FTSE 50 and FTSE 100 with financial years ending up to, and including, 30 April 2018.

Specifically, the report examines market trends for:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Annual bonus
  • Long-term incentive plans (LTIP)
  • Single-figure total compensation
  • Shareholding guidelines

While the majority of changes to Executive Director pay this year were implemented to align with shareholder expectations and governance “best practice”, we did see examples of companies adopting more tailored approaches. We observed that changes are more likely to be supported when sufficient time is built into any consultation on pay and there is a robust rationale linked to the strategy, even if the changes result in an atypical pay structure. While companies had mixed experiences during the 2018 AGM season, it is now clearer than ever that storytelling is key. 

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