The UK life insurance market 2017-2018

Evolution, with a capital 'R'

January 5, 2018
| United Kingdom

Over the centuries insurers have generally had the luxury of evolving their businesses, implementing developments gradually over time. However, the fast-moving nature of political, economic and market conditions resulted in a highly fluid business environment for UK life insurers in 2017, creating pressures to respond more rapidly: more revolution than evolution.

As we begin another new year, we review the factors that contributed to that fluidity and how we’ve been helping clients address their own change agendas. We also look forward to some of the pressing issues that will have a significant bearing, in our view, on the degree to which individual insurers will continue to be able to adapt.

The PDF is available via the 'Download' link. If you would like to talk to us about any of the subjects featured in this review, please contact your Willis Towers Watson consultant or send us an email.