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Bite-size IFRS 17 video series

|Insurer Solutions

September 3, 2018

A series of bite-sized videos, each of a few minutes, explaining the choices available and the factors and consequences to consider when implementing IFRS 17.
Technology Solutions - August 2018

John Morley discusses the data and technology impacts of IFRS 17.

The risk adjustment - July 2018

Lucia Lumsdon discusses the risk adjustment under IFRS 17.

Programme and next steps - March 2018

Matthew Ford discusses what is involved in an IFRS 17 programme and the next steps you should be taking.

System implications - January 2018

Andreas Schröder looks at the system implications driven by IFRS 17.

Business implications - November 2017

Kamran Foroughi looks at the business implications of IFRS 17, and considers the impact on key metrics, asset liability management and investor communication.

Managing the transition - October 2017

Matthew Ford discusses the transition approach, which is one of the most significant choices behind IFRS 17 adoption.