Digital Engagement Research Study 2016

September 12, 2016

Today’s digital media talents are those who get and are inspired by a different set of ingredients. Their creative energies flow in different ways and this study is about tapping into that energy – finding out what engages and motivates those at the leading edge of digital media. Funky offices, guru leaders, work/life balance – whatever it is, we’d like to know.

Why are we doing it? Because our clients around the world want to know how they can attract and retain talent in this exciting sector and offer the best work environment for people like yourself. Help us to guide them in the right direction. Ten minutes of your time is all we’re asking, although feel free to ask questions or get the survey results by contacting

Are you a digital talent? Can you span several disciplines and are you literate in different types of new media? Do you feel comfortable working in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments and are you flexible to adopt your style and behaviours to succeed? Do you collaborate virtually across cultures and do you possess depth of capability in a discipline that drives innovation for the businesses you operate in and clients you are serving? If you are fairly positive on most questions, we welcome you to participate in this exciting study.


Don’t worry; your inner most thoughts aren’t going to be revealed to the world. The survey is strictly confidential. Results will be compiled to provide an overall picture of opinions and completed surveys will be stored in a computer database owned and maintained by Willis Towers Watson

Instructions – just in case you have a non-digital moment!

Click on the answer that most closely represents your opinion. You can change your answers at any time. When you have completed each page, press ‘Next’ to continue or ‘Back’ to return to a previous answer. Please don’t use the back and forward buttons of your browser as they won’t work. Sometimes you may have to scroll down to see the full page. If you can’t complete the survey in one session click on the ‘Finish Later’ button and save the link provided which will automatically take you to the last saved response.

We’ll hope you will enjoy this study and we’d like to thank you for contributing to this valuable research piece!

Please complete the survey by clicking HERE.