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Modernising Total Rewards Workshop:
Design your journey in the new world of work

Total Rewards are central to your ability to compete for diverse talent in today’s agile, digitally disrupted workplace, yet in many organisations, programmes have not evolved sufficiently to keep up with the new world of work.

Designing and delivering Total Rewards is an ongoing journey that requires regular course corrections to address the evolving needs of both a multi-generational workforce and the organisation.

Those that ‘get it right’ are inspiring their employees, driving positive behaviour change and fueling the growth of their organisations.

Leader in Total Rewards

The opportunity to become a leader in Total Rewards is yours – and we are here to help. The Modernising Total Rewards Workshop can jump-start your organisation’s unique journey.

The full-day workshop will help you and your organisation to:

  • Discover market insights, emerging trends and case studies in order to understand best practices of leading organisations in Total Rewards.
  • Define your Total Rewards purpose, philosophy and strategy: you’ll understand where you are, where you want to go and how the latest technology can help you.
  • Put the employee at the centre of your strategy and understand what it means to create a consumer-grade experience.
  • Translate your vision and strategy into tactical actions to help you address issues and opportunities using our unique Navigator framework.
  • Create your road map with top priorities, key stakeholders and an action plan.

Modernising Total Rewards is about creating your best talent experience while optimising your reward spend – all while staying agile in a competitive marketplace. We understand it’s more than just sophisticated programme design – and we’re excited to help you navigate the pathways.

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