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Risk Management Services

Effective risk management is an essential business function which ensures the sustainability, security and growth of an organisation. It can help businesses cope with change and the rising complexity of the risks that they face, as well as demonstrating to stakeholders that there are clear business strategies for growth in the short, medium and long-term.

Organisations need risk advisors who:

  • Put the client first
  • Understand the evolving business landscape they operate in
  • Understand strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Align risk to business strategy
  • Identify risks that might prevent them from achieving objectives
  • Recognise the importance of opportunity risks
  • Recommend risk management strategies to support a successful and sustainable business

The Willis Towers Watson connected approach is about providing global expertise to each organisation, ensuring the support needed is readily available to help achieve objectives. Benefits of an effective and comprehensive risk management programme include:

  • Reduction in risk exposure
  • Reduced number and frequency of incidents
  • Alignment with legal compliance and corporate governance
  • A connected risk solution for both insured and non-insured risks
  • Better managed insurance programmes
  • Increased value from insurance premiums
  • An embedded, cohesive, company-wide approach to risk management

Our expert risk management consultants and teams offer a range of support in critical areas. These include:

  • Accident investigation review and training
  • Behavioural safety
  • Business Continuity Management [BCM]
  • Business Interruption Assessment [BIA]
  • Casualty liability surveys
  • Claims defensibility review and training
  • Claims review
  • Contractor management
  • Crisis management and emergency planning
  • Cyber risk assessment
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Environmental management
  • Fire safety management
  • Fleet risk management and reviews
  • Health and safety management and training
  • Health and safety auditing using Willis Blue
  • Health and safety certified management systems
  • Mock trials
  • Pre placement risk surveys
  • Property risk engineering surveys
  • Rail and Road transport risk reviews
  • Risk and safety leadership
  • Risk partnering and secondment
  • Strategic risk management
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Trusted partnership
  • Wellbeing insight evaluation
  • Mental health and wellbeing training solutions
  • Mental health and wellbeing consultancy
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