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M&A Readiness Academy for HR

The M&A Readiness Academy for HR is Willis Towers Watson’s training programme for knowledge development and transfer, which makes use of our consultants’ many years of theoretical and practical experience in educational and training courses.

The Willis Towers Watson M&A Readiness Academy for HR training allows you and your HR team to prepare for a merger, acquisition or divestiture. It will ensure that you are ready to support your corporate strategy teams and are able to identify the potential risks and challenges, from the very start of the M&A deal cycle all the way through to implementation.

The course combines both country-specific knowledge and global theories. Using practical case studies and hands-on exercises, we focus on:

  • Building relationships with your strategy teams and articulating best practice for the role of HR within a deal
  • Preparing your (HR) organisation to deal with critical issues when confronted with an M&A situation
  • Identifying priorities and interdependencies when faced with complex deals, and knowing how to focus your time where it matters
  • Addressing key M&A hot spots such as financial due diligence, leadership analysis, talent retention, cultural analysis and implementation planning
M&A Readiness Academy for HR training
Programme Dates Format Location
Spring 2022 14 - 25 March 2022 Three morning sessions per week, each of which will last two and a half hours Online

In-company option

We can compile bespoke training packages that are unique to your organisation. All training courses can be tailored to meet your own business requirements and company culture.

Further information

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