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Defined Contribution

Willis Towers Watson has a large specialist defined contribution (DC) consulting team that specialises in all aspects of DC pension provision scheme design, governance, investments, communications, pre- and at-retirement solutions and member behavioural analysis.

At Willis Towers Watson, our focus is on giving clarity to help organisations make the right decisions for their DC schemes. Our DC specialists have the expertise to advise companies on all aspects of pension scheme management, including plan design, investment, communication, ongoing governance and legislative compliance. The combination of our expertise, experience and research findings provides a solid foundation for gaining a new perspective and shaping the right solutions for the changing pension landscape.

Key aspects of Willis Towers Watson's DC services include:

  • One of the largest dedicated teams in the UK, working cross-practice and cross-borders, leveraging the experience and skills of our market-leading investment, administration and communication consultants
  • LifeSight, our award-winning master trust, which is a DC multi-employer pension master trust for employers that would benefit from high-quality, lower risk, market-competitive pension provision without the governance burden
  • A dedicated DC provider research team brings significant value and peace of mind to our clients and is built around cutting-edge technology, in-depth knowledge of the DC market, modelling tools and other data to produce objective provider research results
  • A proven track record and significant experience in working with DC arrangements ranging in both size and complexity
  • A strong commitment to delivering industry leading thought leadership and quality surveys to underpin our advice and provide benchmark opportunities
  • Our service, whilst flexible, is built upon a consistent approach to DC throughout our network of offices, in which the use and development of tools, processes and thought leadership are shared and coordinated, providing a more efficient and fulfilling experience for our clients

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