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Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software

Help your workforce focus on what matters most – your clients and your business – by providing them with easy access to their HR information, in a personalised and meaningful way. Help HR drive behaviour change through meaningful communication, measurement and technology.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all employee communications, static HR content and time-consuming transactional interactions with employees. The new employee experience thrives on transparency, personalisation and convenient, digital access to relevant information, platforms and processes to make your employees' lives easier and experiences richer, so they are more productive and engaged.

Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software combined with our extensive communication consulting expertise, helps you deliver:

A modern, digital, employee-focused experience for your workforce

We live in a mobile, social and on-demand world, and your employees want their HR experiences to keep pace. Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software helps you engage your workforce across the full spectrum of the employee life cycle.

Digital hub

Create an immersive experience across talent, benefits, culture and rewards by bringing employees to one place for all things HR with easy access to transactional partner and provider systems on demand.

Total Rewards Dashboard

Include personalised data on all of your total rewards programmes in one simplified view.

Integrated case management

Manage employee inquiries with HR software that tracks questions, routes work across various expert HR functions and documents resolution.

A user-centric design that meets employees where they are

Forward-thinking HR leaders are bringing their employment brand to life for employees by delivering unique experiences that meet employees where they are in their personal and professional lives.

Dynamic, personalised content

Reach the right person at the right time with a personalised, segmented content strategy that drives changes to behaviour or programme perception. Employees only see and access tools and information most relevant to them.

Cutting-edge communication expertise

Team with our communication experts to help ensure your messaging resonates throughout your platform and is targeted effectively for maximum impact.

Multimedia storytelling

Create an immersive, interactive experience for employees with graphics, audio, video, documents and text that convey key HR messages in a compelling way.

Accessible from any device

Connect employees to the information they need anywhere, anytime on any device.

Productive HR teams focused on strategic behaviour change

Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software serves as the face of HR to your employees, while freeing your HR team to drive strategic behaviour change and business outcomes versus manual and tactical processes.

Data and analytics

Track employee usage patterns and case activity to optimise usability and help your portal remain impactful, relatable and relevant.

Flexible publishing platform

Publish and manage digital content in real time, with easy-to-use content management tools.

Scalable implementation

Structure the platform to fit your immediate communication or organisational needs and build on it over time as you grow, adapt, add or change programmes, process or HR delivery.

Leading organisations use technology to deliver a modern, employee-focused experience. Combine Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software with our cutting edge communication expertise to create your next competitive advantage. Come explore the Willis Towers Watson difference.

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