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Geopolitical risk - Reputation

The forces that affect reputation risk have evolved significantly over the last decade. Changing demographic habits, falling levels of public trust, increased use of social media, rising state and non-state manipulation of public opinion and the exponential rise in both the quality and quantity of data are all factors driving a new reputational paradigm for companies to navigate. From cyber-attacks and customer abuse, to terrorist incidents; the geopolitical risk factors affecting reputation and brand-resilience are growing.

Geopolitical risk hexagons showcasing different geopolitical risks and how they interact
Reputational risk and geopolitical risk factors
Managing risk to your organisation’s reputation

Geopolitical events can often provoke intense reaction and opinion, questions to ask your business:

  • With news spreading faster due to digitalisation and social media1 are all your regional sites unified with the same risk management approach to employee communications?
  • How can you manage your company’s reputation?
  • What business continuity plans do you need to address negative PR?

When operating a company with international operations or supply chain, a negative reputational impact in one country or region can easily result in reverberations across the entire geographical operation. The immediacy with which negative impacts to reputation can travel is compounded by technological and social advancement factors, such as instant news through mainstream media, social media, citizen’s journalism, influencers and special interest groups, to name but a few.

Geopolitical risk consulting

Our geopolitical risk consulting approach pays careful attention to reputation and its intrinsic value to assets such as brand, goodwill, talent attraction and retention, share value and performance. We consider reputational risks linked to geopolitical influences, assess their potential impact and propose ways to mitigate or transfer the risk, to help protect the organisation and optimise opportunities.



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