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The Willis Research Network Hubs

How do we decide on research topics?

The two ways Willis Research Network works with research partners.
How it works

The Willis Research Network (WRN) encompasses six research hubs. These hubs drive a number of research programs, which in turn manage several WRN research projects, producing academic and applied research outputs.

Outputs include data, models, applications, peer-reviewed journal articles, financial instruments and conferences. Along with longer term research programs, we continue to identify projects with tangible outputs for our clients within shorter frame deliverables, enabling us to deliver solutions on demand.

  1. Earth Risks

    Hub Leader: Rosa Sobradelo

  2. Weather and Climate Risks

    Hub Leader: Geoffrey Saville

  3. Flood Risks

    Hub Leader: Geoffrey Saville

  4. People Risks

    Hub Leader: Hélène Galy

  5. Technology Risks

    Hub Leader: Stuart Calam

  6. Emerging Risks

    Hub Leader: Lucy Stranbrough

  7. Exposure and Vulnerability

    Hub Leader: Simon Sølvsten