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Willis Towers Watson at Airmic Conference 2021 -
Prepare, Protect, Pioneer

Willis Towers Watson will demonstrate how insight, analytics and our connected risk approach can help you respond differently to navigate volatility, build a resilient workforce and seize opportunities. We will help you prepare, protect and pioneer.

The global pandemic and associated economic uncertainty, combined with increasingly complex business risk, changing workplace dynamics, interconnectivity and the growing need for quantification, requires new, insightful and future looking risk analysis and management. What are you doing differently to prepare and protect, to understand and respond? Act with vision and insight: pioneer and seize the opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Willis Towers Watson Team.

Panel discussions

Sustainability without compromise - delivering long-term value in a fast-changing world

Tony Rooke, Climate Resilience Hub
Tuesday 5 October, 2pm – 3pm

The Environmental, Social and Governance “ESG” agenda is about building sustainable, resilient, and purpose-led organisations. The ESG rating of a business is critical for investors and will determine who will do business with an organisation now and in the future. Yet, the score is only an outcome of what a business does. Data and transparency are critical to capture commitment to ESG and to articulate the resilience and sustainability of the organisation to stakeholders. But is ESG the same as ‘sustainability’ and ‘corporate responsibility’? Many organisations use ‘sustainability’, ‘corporate responsibility’ or ‘corporate social responsibility’ interchangeably to refer to strategies or programmes related to ESG activities. Acting on ESG issues was important before the pandemic and confronting these will be even more important after it. This seminar will consider the ESG journey across the business cycle as part of economic recovery.

Please register your place via Airmic.

Airmic Hub sessions

Reputation risk management – a new perspective

David Bennett, Director, Global Markets P&C Hub and Daniel Green, Broker, Global Markets P&C Hub

Tuesday 5 October, 12.45 - 1.15 PM

In a world of global and fake news and powerful ‘social media storms’, managing reputation can be a challenge for any organisation. This fragile commodity can determine whether customers buy from you, people want to work for you, and how other businesses engage with you. Willis Towers Watson will explore this environment, how to identify reputational risk exposures and steps to manage them.

Please register your place via Airmic.

Women in Business

Lessons lockdown life can bring to the people agenda.

Tuesday 5 October, 8.00 - 9.00 AM
Amanda Scott, Managing Director at Willis Towers Watson

Please join Willis Towers Watson and Rushton International for our ‘Women in Business’ networking breakfast. This year we are joined by Amanda Scott, Managing Director at Willis Towers Watson, who will explore the opportunities lockdown learnings can offer employer and employees alike.

While the pandemic has caused widespread personal and global tragedies, opportunities have also arisen through lockdown and working from home that many people otherwise would not have had. And we need to learn from these. There have been personal opportunities to spend more time with family, streamlined access to work for those with disabilities, and more support and recognition for carers than ever before. This is our moment in time to capture these learnings, to improve work/life balance and even improve work/home gender balance for the future.

Amanda Scott, will share her personal story and explore what working from home can mean for gender equality, equality for those with disabilities or long-term illnesses and the broader people agenda over the longer-term.

What lessons can we learn? What innovations can we bring to our businesses? How can we use our learnings to retain and engage people? Pandemics spark innovation. The People Agenda is ripe for renovation. Let’s see what we can start! The breakfast, open to all delegates, will give you a chance to network with other like-minded professionals to discuss your experiences and share ideas.

Please register your place via Airmic.


Willis Towers Watson combines leading-edge thinking with data and analytics. From coverage specific quantification to holistic, portfolio level engagement and diagnostics, we offer an industry-leading strategic understanding of risk that drives superior outcomes. We are not simply a broker with analytics; we are "The Analytical Broker".

Working with clients we provide risk and insurance managers with diagnostics and quantification to support decision-making. Visit us at the Willis Towers Watson stand (61) for a demonstration and to find out more. Alternatively, contact Kyle Roper to book in advance.

  1. 01

    Climate diagnostic

    A platform which allows you to visualise the risks and potential opportunities that climate change could pose to your assets.

  2. 02

    Property Quantified

    Quantifies your global property loss potential from both catastrophe driven and non-cat perils

  3. 03

    Global Peril Diagnostic

    Offers a concise and compelling global view of your natural perils

  4. 04

    Risk Tolerance Clarified

    Identifies financial strengths and weaknesses specific to your areas of concern

  5. 05

    Cyber Quantified

    evaluates your complete cyber loss potential with decision support to optimize risk management strategy.

  6. 06

    Dynamic TCOR

    strategically analyses risk across all coverages and evaluates your insurance portfolio holistically

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