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Pricing climate risk effectively

In the videos below, we explore; how to price, assess and measure physical and transition climate risks, current and emerging finance and insurance solutions; technical enablers of assessment and risk mitigation – data, modelling and analytics – and how physical and transition risk assessment and quantification must integrate.


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Pricing climate risk effectively

We explain how to quantify climate risk and opportunity, highlight what levers businesses and investors could use to mitigate and adapt to climate impacts, and showcase the best investment and insurance climate-related solutions.

David Hoile, Senior Director, Investments; Dr. Richenda Connell, Senior Director; Dr. Tina Thomson, Head of EMEA West-South Catastrophe Analytics - Willis Towers Watson

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Panel Discussion: The ‘real-world’ application of climate risk solutions

Drawing on personal experiences from being at the forefront of net-zero and climate resilient finance, the panel will illustrate, using real world examples, how climate risk can be assessed and measured and where investment and insurance solutions are making a difference.

John Firth, Senior Director - Willis Towers Watson. Finn Clawson, Head of Risk Analytics - Aviva. Bruce Duguid, Head of Stewardship - EOS at Federated Hermes. Claire Orton, Regional Head EMEA & Americas - Macquarie.

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Key tools to help financial institutions manage climate-related risk and opportunity

We describe Willis Towers Watson's climate quantification platform – the climate and financial models, tools, and processes we use for evaluating and pricing climate risks – and how this can support new risk management solutions and mobilise climate finance.

Matt Foote, Senior Director; Torolf Hamm, Strategic Risk Consulting Global; David Nelson, Senior Director, Climate Transition Analytics - Willis Towers Watson.

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Panel Discussion: The convergence of data, metrics, and physical and transition risk quantification in order to price climate risk and opportunities

Our speakers will discuss how, ultimately, these analytical strands need to merge to price climate risks and improve investment decisions by businesses and investors; they will illustrate this through practical and useful examples of the tools that are being used to achieve this.

Jo Paisley, Co-President - Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). Remco Fischer, Programme Officer - United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). Dr. Matthew Jones, Head of Catastrophe Risk - Nasdaq. Dr. Nicola Ranger, Head of Climate and Environmental Risk Research - Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford. Deidre Cooper, Co-Head of Thematic Equity - Ninety One.

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